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We are the leading SEO agency Zimbabwe has to offer.

Our SEO services in Zimbabwe provide expert Google optimisation for an affordable monthly cost enhanced by the best customer around. Our mission is to be the best value SEO agency in Zimbabwe whether promoting your company via local SEO, Zim-wide online advertising or even worldwide international digital marketing. We have a proven track record and a live portfolio of websites currently ranking on page 1 for their most important keywords in the search results, from sole traders and small companies throughout Zimbabwe and internationally.

Riley SEO is a results-focused SEO agency which means we typically have a big impact upon the companies we work for and in a relatively short space of time.

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of search engine users only check the first page of results


of search engine users only check the first 5 results


of search engine traffic goes to the top ranked page

Our SEO Services


SEO Audit

To ensure an SEO project is as successful as possible, it’s important to understand where you are starting from – to make sure you have the best possible foundation for your project, as well as to understand what are the best tactics to move the needle. Our SEO Audit service can help identify what needs fixing and the approach to take with your project.


SEO Consultancy

At Riley SEO we don’t believe that there is an ‘one size fits all’ approach to SEO. Sure, the fundamentals are the same, but different sites and markets might require different approaches. Our SEO company in London can advise on specific areas of your Search Engine Optimisation strategy and provide targeted recommendations for its success.


Content Creation

Creating good quality, relevant content for your site is important for your customers and search engine rankings. By understanding what your potential customers are searching for and how to optimise content to match this, we can help you create content that’s relevant to these search terms, and attracts visitors to your site.


Keyword Research

The foundation of any good search marketing campaign is choosing the right keywords – to ensure they have the potential to drive a healthy volume of relevant traffic from the search engine to your site. We help you find the terms your potential customers are using and make sure they have the right balance of potential traffic and competition.


On-page Optimisation

The right On-page Optimisation is crucial if you want good rankings, but it’s important to make sure you’re pages aren’t over-optimised and have content that appeals to customers, not just the search engines. We can make sure your pages tell a search engine like Google what they’re about, in a way that makes them as relevant as possible, without overdoing it.


Backlink Profile Development

Gaining links from the most relevant sites in your industry that have trust and authority can push your pages to the top of the search results. Our approach to developing your backlink profile and building links ensures your website develops a high quality, natural-looking link profile that Google loves, for long-term rankings.


Nationwide SEO

When your business is nationwide and you’re looking to be found for your target keywords in every city, there’s a lot of competition you need to outrank. We understand what’s required to build a trustworthy and authoritative site for the best search engine rankings – whichever city your clients are searching from.


Local Search Optimisation

Optimising web pages to rank well for local searches is about more than just building links – you need make sure your optimisation enhances the local relevance of your site. Our Local SEO experience means we know what resources to use to make sure the customers on your doorstep are seeing your website.


GMB Optimisation

Depending on your sector, more than 50% of your local search engine traffic can come from the map listings in the search results, which makes a properly optimised Google My Business listing essential. We can ensure your listing is set up properly, verified and optimised, and show you how to make the most of this social platform.

Why Riley SEO?

The right SEO agency for you!

Riley SEO is one of the leading SEO agencies in Zimbabwe. Hire our award-winning SEO specialists to double your organic traffic. Book a call to learn how we can set an SEO strategy for your business.

Our services are designed to get your website ranking HIGHER in search results.

Higher Rankings > More Traffic > More Conversions.



Riley SEO provides an integrated marketing, technology and design partnership for businesses with a vision to grow.



Partner with Riley SEO to ignite the full potential of your business and fast-track to the next level.

Marketing Ideas

Seize an array of digital marketing opportunities backed by experienced advice, technological expertise and creative visual design.

  • Tom Henderson

    I have worked with an seo agency before who charged me an arm and a leg and my website did not move for 3 months. What a waste of money. Then I spoke with Craig and he spoke to me in a way that I understood what was going to happen and why it needed to happen to get my website to appear in Google. 4 months later I can not be happier. My business is doing very well and I am getting calls from customers daily. Highly recommended! Cheers

  • Terrell Engle

    I was approached a couple of months ago with the idea of a new lead source for my plumbing company but instead of the normal SEO pitches I get from companies in South Africa, Craig was offering me calls.

    A few weeks after our first contact, I get an email sating we are ready to start and if I was still keen to work together, I said Yes and we agreed everything.

    Over the next few days I started to notice some call from areas I never used to get work and there were quite a few. This was fantastic 🙂

    I have been working with Craig now for almost 2 months and business is good.

    Thank you.

    I look forward to the new lead websites in other areas.

  • Candyce Wray

    Working with Craig and his team has been a pleasure. They have gone above and beyond my expectations. Best decision we made for the company.

  • Craig Riley

    Thank you for looking at our Google Maps profile. We are a website design and seo agency offering digital marketing services to all business types looking to get more customers from the internet. Our agency has built many websites for business in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and helped move them to the top of the search results for their main keywords. to find out we can help your company, get in touch today.

  • Barbara Francisco

    Craig and his team are darling. They jazzed up my website with a new design and have been working on it for the past 4 months on Google. Now it is very easy for my clients to find me online and I am getting more clients signing up. These guys are brilliant

Talk to Riley SEO, the #1 SEO agency in Zimbabwe


Our SEO service is ideal for companies needing fast, direct & white hat search engine optimisation from a trustworthy agency in Zimbabwe. We adopt a flexible & affordable approach, so you can use our services for as long as you need us, with no lengthy contracts and we can re-start quickly even if you haven’t used us for months. We keep our clients very happy by improving the presence of each and every website in the search engine results and we provide everything from organic SEO. We report to you each month showing how your website has climbed in the rankings, gaining more traffic & offer advice to help make your website’s & company’s online presence more vivid.


We optimise websites quickly & efficiently, with a no-nonsense approach and low overheads, which means we’re cheap enough for most businesses. This also means we often see an initial increase in your website’s ranking positions on Google during the first few weeks giving you the confidence that we’re working hard on your site and that what we are doing is actually making you climb online. We adopt a direct approach & tailor our techniques to suit your business & website specifically. A great deal of our work involves onsite SEO i.e. optimising the actual source code of your website to make it as search engine friendly as possible. Although we do build backlinks to provide link juice & domain authority, our main focus is ensuring a relevant, healthy & easy to understand website for visitors, Google & Bing. We use the latest advanced SEO reporting software tools to identify online marketing opportunities & to quickly improve visitor levels.


Get the most effective and affordable digital marketing service in town – whether seeking Global, Zimbabwe or Local SEO. Our SEO prices start from $500 per month and we tailor our services to suit your business marketing budget to try and give you the best ROI. So whether your website needs organic SEO or Adwords (PPC) assistance, we’re here to help. We’re available to answer your questions and to support you even at the weekends! We pride ourselves on giving a fantastic level of customer service and have helped many businesses increase their online presence by making their websites go up onto page 1 organically. 

Why choose Riley SEO

What We Do

We understand that getting your search engine optimisation right is vital to your success. We are an SEO Company Zimbabwe clients can trust.

Our leading SEO services are what Zimbabwe businesses need to boost their online presence and increase their visibility in the search engines.
Here at Riley SEO, all of our results-driven campaigns are bespoke to suit our clients’ individual needs. We essentially provide affordable SEO services in Zimbabwe businesses require to stand out amongst the competition

Riley SEO – A Zimbabwe SEO Company that you can count on

You know all about competition – you likely have hundreds of competitors nipping at your heels. We know all about this – there are dozens of others on the market who claim to be the “Best SEO Company in Zimbabwe.” At Riley SEO, we don’t like to spend a lot of time bragging about our successes – we prefer to show you our results. We provide the affordable SEO Zimbabwe that you can rely on.

SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Really Need SEO?

Short answer: yes, yes you do.

Why? Picture all of your website visitors as a massive pie. For the average website, 50% of that pie will come from search engines like Google.

Search engines are a discovery tool, meaning that many of these website visitors are discovering your website for the first time. As more and more people discover your website from search engines, you’ll see each other traffic channels (email, social media, etc.) increase as well. In other words, as this part of your pie gets bigger, the rest of your pie will get bigger as well.

How Does SEO Work?

Search engines look at 3 primary factors when trying to understand all of the websites in their index: authority, relevancy, and crawlability. We’ll skip crawlability to keep things simple. Crawlability gets more into the technical side of SEO, and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Authority is a measure of how reputable your website is in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Sticking with our pie example, authority is a measure of how big your pie is.

Everybody loves pie, so focus on making yours as big as possible.

Relevancy helps Google to understand what your website is about so it can send the right people to your website. In other words, Relevancy is all about making that 50% of your pie that comes from search engines taste better. Nobody wants a lot of bad pie, so as your pie gets bigger, it becomes more and more important to focus on relevancy.

If you type “cars” into Google, Google will sift through trillions of web pages and order them based on how trustworthy they are, and how relevant they are to “cars”.

SEO is all about helping Google to better understand your website, while also increasing your authority so you start appearing for the search terms that are most valuable to your business.

What if I don’t do any SEO process?

Almost all internet users won’t know your website exists. Unless your website is easily findable by search engines like Google, you can’t succeed with your website. You can start getting profits if your website is among top 10 results in the first page of search engines. You can do it if you have sufficient knowledge of SEO or hire a SEO firm.

Can I do SEO on my own website?

Inexperienced site owners may take years to get the top rankings for online success. Also remember, if you had a mistake, your website gets de-ranked or banned from search results. Your business will be damaged. You can do it only if you have enough experiences of SEO. Read the books on the right side and earn more skills.

Why do I need SEO for my business?

Search engine optimization is an essential component of a business’s marketing and sales strategy. With the rise and rapid growth of the Internet and the demise of many traditional (offline) channels to reach customers and prospects such as the Yellow Pages, having a web presence has become increasingly important if not vital.

Reasons for developing and implementing a clear SEO and web presence strategy include:

  • To optimize your web presence and visibility.
  • To build better branding and positioning for your business, products and services.
  • To increase the online credibility and trust for your business.
  • To identify a business’s most effective keywords.
  • To rank higher in the search engines.
  • To increase traffic from potential customers.
  • To increase the number of repeat visitors and customers.
  • To Grow Your Business – $$$

The goals, project scope and budget for search engine optimization and growing a web presence can vary significantly for different businesses. However, the need and importance for having an optimized web presence will only grow over time. At the end of the day, if your customers and potential customers are not finding you on the Internet they are finding your competitors.

What are Keywords?

Keywords and keyword phrases are a central element of search engine optimization. In its most basic definition a keyword or keyword phrase is the text a web user types into a search box to find relevant information or content. Phrased another way, keywords are descriptions of the information people are searching for and can bring targeted traffic to your website.

Choosing the best keywords for your website and SEO optimization is very important for getting targeted traffic to your website with the greatest chance of converting them to customers and repeat visitors. Effective use of keywords is essential for ranking well and being found on the Internet. Keyword research is focused on locating the optimal keyword phrases for drawing targeted traffic to a website.

Keyword research can frequently be dry and very detailed oriented. To do it well it requires special software tools and experience. However, this type of research and the information it provides is the cornerstone of any successful SEO effort. Many people also consider the optimal use of keyword phrases to be essential for creating and maintaining a successful website as keywords will appear in the website’s page content, in the off-page metadata and frequently in page titles and descriptions.

Moz is a well-known and well-respected website for SEO information, tools and services. Part of their perspective on Keywords includes:

“It all begins with words typed into a search box. Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field. Ranking for the “right” keywords can make or break your website. Through the detective work of puzzling out your market’s keyword demand, you not only learn which terms and phrases to target with SEO, but also learn more about your customers as a whole.”

“It’s not always about getting visitors to your site, but about getting the right kind of visitors. The usefulness of this intelligence cannot be overstated.”

So Can I Just Buy a Whole Bunch of Backlinks?

Short answer: no.

Yes, we know that all of those Fiverr deals offering you 50 backlinks for $5 are tempting, but they’re not worth it. Buying links goes against Google’s policies and will destroy your search rankings if you get caught.

If Google does catch you buying backlinks, you’ll see your search rankings plummet. From there, you’ll need to remove those links to your site and submit a reconsideration request for Google to re-analyze your site.

Instead, focus on creating exceptional content and run link building campaigns focused on getting relevant bloggers to link to your content.