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If you have a business, you need to be online. And if you are online, you need a beautiful + functional website.

And if you’re going to be online, you might as well have a top-tier website to accurately showcase your top-tier company, services, and products. After all, approximately 46% of your website visitors will judge the credibility of your entire company based on your website design alone!

So let’s talk shop. At Riley SEO, we’ll build you an incredible, revenue-producing, affordable, and custom website that ticks all the boxes and compliments your brand, all while making a bold statement online.

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Our Web Designs Are:


SEO Friendly


Customised to fit your needs

Fully Mobile Responsive

Fresh, Clean & Properly Branded

Extremely User Friendly

Organised, Creative & Functional

National Recognised

Designed With Care

Why Riley SEO?

The right web design agency for you!

Web design is part art, part science, as it perfectly melds together a designer’s creative eye with the coding skills of an online wizard. That’s one of the more difficult aspects of web design and marketing; it takes both technical knowledge and soft skills to make a website that is exactly what search engines AND users need.

And the cold hard truth is that cookie-cutter websites from website builders and templates, who can turn a project around in just a couple of hours or days will never have the technical and visual elements your business deserves to truly showcase itself.



Riley SEO provides an integrated marketing, technology and design partnership for businesses with a vision to grow.


Partner with Riley SEO to ignite the full potential of your business and fast-track to the next level.

Marketing Ideas

Seize an array of digital marketing opportunities backed by experienced advice, technological expertise and creative visual design.
  • Terrell Engle

    I was approached a couple of months ago with the idea of a new lead source for my plumbing company but instead of the normal SEO pitches I get from companies in South Africa, Craig was offering me calls.

    A few weeks after our first contact, I get an email sating we are ready to start and if I was still keen to work together, I said Yes and we agreed everything.

    Over the next few days I started to notice some call from areas I never used to get work and there were quite a few. This was fantastic 🙂

    I have been working with Craig now for almost 2 months and business is good.

    Thank you.

    I look forward to the new lead websites in other areas.

  • Barbara Francisco

    Craig and his team are darling. They jazzed up my website with a new design and have been working on it for the past 4 months on Google. Now it is very easy for my clients to find me online and I am getting more clients signing up. These guys are brilliant

  • Candyce Wray

    Working with Craig and his team has been a pleasure. They have gone above and beyond my expectations. Best decision we made for the company.

  • Craig Riley

    Thank you for looking at our Google Maps profile. We are a website design and seo agency offering digital marketing services to all business types looking to get more customers from the internet. Our agency has built many websites for business in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and helped move them to the top of the search results for their main keywords. to find out we can help your company, get in touch today.

  • Tom Henderson

    I have worked with an seo agency before who charged me an arm and a leg and my website did not move for 3 months. What a waste of money. Then I spoke with Craig and he spoke to me in a way that I understood what was going to happen and why it needed to happen to get my website to appear in Google. 4 months later I can not be happier. My business is doing very well and I am getting calls from customers daily. Highly recommended! Cheers

Talk to Riley SEO, the #1 web design agency in Zimbabwe


We are driven by a desire to help local companies excel. We believe that by helping to strengthen our local businesses, we are ultimately working to help strengthen the very fabric of both the community in which we live and work and the communities that surround us.

Riley SEO also works remotely with companies from all around the world. If you’d like to work with us but are worried about the distance, don’t be! We are happy to communicate with our global clients via phone, Zoom/video chat and email. Riley SEO has worked remotely to create high-ranking, eye-catching affordable websites for many businesses.

We know exactly what it takes for websites and companies to succeed on the internet, and we’re excited to put our knowledge to work for you.


If you are nurturing a fledgling business, we know that your small business is your life. In the first five years of your company’s existence, every decision you make can either help propel you to success or leave your business to flounder in obscurity.

At Riley SEO, we help your new business build a strong online presence. We know how to analyze your new business and move you to the forefront of search results. As you’re no doubt aware, in order to grow your business and position yourself to take a bite out of your competition, your online presence must be carefully optimized. That’s where our years of experience come in.

We know precisely how to optimize your website so that its visual structure, layout, content keywords, navigation menus, and processes are exactly what search engines want to show their users.

Why choose Riley SEO

What We Do

Everything we do revolves around tracking metrics that can help improve client performance.

After all, if we aren’t helping you acquire enough new customers to cover what your digital marketing spend is, and then some, why would you continue to do business with us?


We’re a One-Stop-Shop for Web Design and Development

We help you build a powerful online presence by using effective design principles and search-engine-optimized content placement.

Web Design Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a new website cost?

There’s not one single answer to this question. A website design is quoted based on the needs of each individual project. Every website is unique and requires different components; we design and develop custom websites specifically for your small business. We’ll ask a lot of questions, assess your needs, and give you a quote based on that assessment. Most of our sites run in the $500 – $5,000 range, but can be more or less depending on needs.

How long will it take to get a new website?

On average, we shoot for a six to eight week turnaround, but the pace of any project is set by each client. How much input you can provide during the initial stages, your availability with feedback, how soon the content is ready – all this affects the speed of completion. The functionality needs may also play a role – more complex sites will take more time to develop.

Do you only create WordPress websites?

Yes. WordPress is a great content management system that now powers more than 30% of the web. Its huge market share is due to it’s flexibility and ease of use. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to manage it and help you along the way.

Will I lose Google ranking if I redesign or redevelop my website?

Our website team will work to ensure best practices in both content and structure so that every opportunity to maintain and even improve your rankings are realized.  Most importantly, our team will remap pages to the new addresses via a process called 301 redirects. This ensures the history and respect you’ve earned in Google over the years carries forward to your new site.

How much work do I have to do?

As you can imagine, the answer to this question will vary from project to project. However, we do our best to manage each project as efficiently as possible. That being said, we do not expect to develop the site without your participation, insight, experience, and assistance in helping us understand what will work best for your business and your goals. While the average site will take between 8-12 weeks to complete and between 50-75 hours on our end, we anticipate that the amount of time a client will put into the project during that same time will be approximately 15-20% of that.

What we’ll ask you to help with:

  • Have access to your domain name so we can manage it with changes as the new site goes live.
  • Gather and organize any necessary photos and documents you’ll want to use in the site.
  • Work with us to answer questions about your business, your goals and your customers.
  • Create and/or edit content for each of the pages that will be outlined in the initial website flowchart.

Do you redesign existing websites?

We certainly can do! It’s important to approach website redesigns sensitively to make sure your reasons for redesigning are valid. This will ensure the project is an overall success from your ROI point of view.

Do you work internationally?

Of course! With the advent of online conference tools such as Zoom, appear.in, and of course Skype, just to name a few, it makes working with businesses anywhere in the world straight forward enough.

Do I have to be local to work with you?

Nope! We work with clients all over the world. Our whole team works remotely, allowing us to find the absolute best team for our business.

Will I be able to update the site myself when it’s finished?

Yes! We love it when our clients take control of their website and learn to manage it on their own. We’ll provide you with a set of comprehensive video tutorials to help you learn your way around, as well provide you with a training session to help get you on your way. (Note: We love to answer your questions!)